Wizard World

One of your most difficult tests as an apprentice wizard, will be to face your master in the WizardWorld. Through an ancient ceremony, Helix will transport your mind to the WizardWorld. Once teleported to the realm, both master and apprentice are no longer conscious of the real world. The realm becomes their reality, and the apprentice and master's actions are governed by the rules of the realm. Your master's mind controls an illusionary dragon, and he will use his powers to summon additional creatures to prevent you from achieving your goal of dispelling his illusion. While avoiding the gaze of the dragon, you must seek higher elevation until you are able to close in on his position and cast a dispell illusion spell on his throne to proceed to the next level.

Space Trader

Your ultimate goal as a space trader is to amass enough money so you can buy your own moon, then claim that moon to retire to it. You need a lot of money for that, and will encounter many dangers, so along the way you might want to buy a better ship and better equipment. At first, the main point is to stay alive, and earn some money by trading. The GGF has a space port in every solar system, where goods locally produced are sold, and goods the locals need are bought. A good trader will judge, based on the systems tech level, government type, resources and current situation, which goods are cheap and which are expensive in a system, and will adapt his trading strategy accordingly. Later on, when you are better equipped, you might try to become a bounty hunter alongside your trading job. If you feel so inclined, you might also become a pirate and rob other traders of their goods.

Origo: Prologue

In a dark future, earth is devastated in an apocalyptic world war. After years of nuclear winter, two factions have emerged from the remnants of humanity. The elitist Federation strives to strip earth of its last resources in an effort to leave the planet and colonize a new home world. In opposition to the Federation are the Gaians, a loose coalition of tribes hoping for a new era of life on earth; one in balance with nature. The inevitable conflict rapidly develops into a relentless war between the two factions. Losses are heavy on both sides and earth's diminishing resources melt away in the flames of battle. As the last earthlings struggle desperately for survival, a new threat emerges from the depths of space... Join the side of your choice and be the deciding factor in humanity's final hour! Game features: Zone-Control: a unique area-based resource system allowing for a lightning-fast build-up phase and full combat action in a matter of minutes Use over 25 units and buildings in your struggle to conquer the battlefield and skies above 17 single player missions in campaign mode Design or download new custom maps Wage war in 3 stunning environments Two playable factions with distinctly different units and strategies Advanced scripting provide challenging scenarios and unlimited twists in gameplay Full audio experience with complete musical score


Dark things roam the land. Black things--shadows not seen since before the lands were tamed and the ways of kings brought law and order to the peoples of Terra.

Another World

This is a port of the RAW engine made by Cyx. You play Lester, the young physics professor, who suddenly finds himself in a strange alien world after a lightning struck his particle experiment. Now he should fight for his life, first with his bare hands, then with a gun he finds. But what gives him courage is the fact he is not alone. One of the aliens, who together with him escapes from the prison, helps him on his dangerous quest. Friendship can overcome all the obstacles.