If you haven't heard of TCPMP, you're in for a pleasant surprise. This is widely considered the Zodiac's killer app. No other palm has hardware scaling, so this makes the Zodiac stand out as the best movie watching device on the Palm OS market. It plays back nearly every codec you can throw at it.


Bring your Zodiac to band practice. PocketJam is a simple music application for the Zodiac. Emphasis is placed on capability for realtime performance. You can play single notes or chords using any of the built-in voices of the Tapwave MIDI chip.


PaintForge is an awesome little program that you can draw cool stuff with.

Bhajis Loops

Bhajis Loops gives you everything you need to create stunning compositions on the go, or to play complex arrangements during gigs: a complete sample editor, virtual instruments with wavetable synthesis, pattern editor and sequencer, effects, automation, and even a special mode for live performances!