Origo: Prologue

In a dark future, earth is devastated in an apocalyptic world war. After years of nuclear winter, two factions have emerged from the remnants of humanity. The elitist Federation strives to strip earth of its last resources in an effort to leave the planet and colonize a new home world. In opposition to the Federation are the Gaians, a loose coalition of tribes hoping for a new era of life on earth; one in balance with nature. The inevitable conflict rapidly develops into a relentless war between the two factions. Losses are heavy on both sides and earth's diminishing resources melt away in the flames of battle. As the last earthlings struggle desperately for survival, a new threat emerges from the depths of space... Join the side of your choice and be the deciding factor in humanity's final hour! Game features: Zone-Control: a unique area-based resource system allowing for a lightning-fast build-up phase and full combat action in a matter of minutes Use over 25 units and buildings in your struggle to conquer the battlefield and skies above 17 single player missions in campaign mode Design or download new custom maps Wage war in 3 stunning environments Two playable factions with distinctly different units and strategies Advanced scripting provide challenging scenarios and unlimited twists in gameplay Full audio experience with complete musical score