Featuring all the fun and madness found in the online gaming favourite from PopCap. Zuma features colourful graphics that reflect the ancient South American civilizations and is accompanied by a panpipe music soundtrack and chanted sound effects to give a Zumaic flavour. Match sets of three or more coloured balls by firing them from the mouth of the mythical stone frog toward the advancing line of balls. Seek out the bonus balls which cause explosions, line reversal, and slow-downs to help you achieve Zuma and complete the levels.


A beautiful Tetris game with great gameplay value. Very entertaining. Originally released as freeware to show that Vicious Bytes was talking serious business.

Video Jigsaw

On a Treo this would take live video from the camera and make a live jigsaw puzzle of it. When used without a camera it switches to the built-in animation - randomly generated "city" view with fireworks and spotlights reflecting in water. On most new new devices you can also use the third option - turn your personal photos into puzzles (requires the Palm/PalmOne Media application or Tapwave Zodiac Photos application)


Physics based game where you have to draw lines to get your gloop to the end goal.

Bejeweled 2

The gem swapping craze... I couldn't help put this here: it looks great on the Zodiac.