Madden 2005

The Real NFL -- all of the NFL teams, new team logos, and player rosters completely updated for the 2004-2005 season. Best of Class Graphics and Animations -- game play that comes alive on the Zodiac's large 480 x 320 (half VGA) screen. Incredible Flexibility of Game Play Options -- change stadium location, weather, allow player injuries, allow players to fatigue, change passing and catching options, control the frequency at which penalties are called and more! Playoffs, Regular Season, and Exhibition game modes -- all tracked with updated game stats. Create a Team -the ability to create the team of your dreams though trades, or choose from an extensive pool of free agents. Actual Voice Recordings -- hear the real John Madden and Al Michaels commentary. The Latest Music -- includes the new lead song for Madden 2005. A Jam-Packed Playbook -- call all the shots with over 200 authentic offensive and defensive plays.