Bike or Die

It's you against the clock as you take a wild ride down the ruthless trails and obstacle courses of Bike or Die! With Bike or Die's sophisticated physics simulation engine, you'll feel every rock, every bump, every pothole. As degree of difficulty increases, you'll find yourself having to perform wild jumps, flips, and near-impossible stunts -- and just when you thought you were getting good! And with no fixed rules on how to conquer obstacles, every new game is filled with new adventures. You can record and replay your best games and upload them to Bike or Die's robust online community of skilled players from around the world. Yes, eternal online glory is finally yours -- with Bike or Die's Internet Hall of Fame. You can also create your own custom levels of play with Bike or Design, an easy to use, freeware level editor app available for download from Bike or Die's amazing website.