You are in control of a spacecraft that scours the universe for plazmoids - valuable energy resources. You goal is to gather them to your homebase which is in the bottom of the screen. To do this, you employ the use of a magnetic beam that allows you to capture and draw one or several plazmoids. Since you are not alone in space, get ready to fight for plazmoids. Numerous enemy ships will stand on your way, each with its own features and behaviour. Some of them are able to capture plazmoids. Usually, once an enemy ship took a plazmoid, you will have to defeat it to take it back. Besides, destroying enemies reveals various kinds of bonuses. You have to refuel at the homebase from time to time. Fuel consumption depends on your speed: the faster you thrust, the quicker you burn fuel. Your homebase is everything to you - it is your fortress, your fuel station, the place where plazmoids are stored, and, finally, it is the only safe place where you cannot be attacked (nor can you attack anyone though). Use the base to take a rest and plot your next move. To complete a sector (game level) you must collect and deliver to the homebase all the plazmoids on screen. You score in the end of each sector, for both plazmoids and bonuses collected and enemy ships destroyed. Each 1000 points result in an additional life. But hurry up - you get penalty for delay!